Mindz I Bio

Mindz I is a Hip-Hop artist from Trenton, the heart and capital of New Jersey. By producing his own music and playing his own instruments, Mindz I blends Rock and Rap with a east meets west mentality. Having a conscious approach to past, present, and future issues, Mindz I uses the environment that surrounds him to create his art in the here and the now. This is where the best music is made, within the Jam. It’s bigger than Hip/hop is a phrase that can best describe Mindz I music and with the drive and dedication that he has for his music, it is bound to be. Mindz I uses the core elements of music blended into a new age style of Hip/hop that he performs with intense syllable rhyming and mind opening, socially aware lyrics. Rock, Hiphop, Dubstep, Metal and Reggae all in one song is the transcendental sound Mindz I creates with symbolism as its core ingredient meant for those who have the eye to see. Art forms are made as an expression of the artist and has been expressed throughout time in metaphors and aphorisms, with hidden meaning only understood by the level of the witnesses understanding. Similarly, Hiphop is made the same way and Mindz I uses metaphors in his rhymes that reflect the environment around him. Mindz I first started writing songs by playing the bass guitar and jamming with family and friends. Soon he started producing and mixing songs with guitars, synthesizers, samples and cuts from movies, t.v. shows, video games, and internet videos to create the ever-evolving style that is Mindz I. With the release of Mindz I's first EP called iScience, not only is Mindz I creating a new style of music, but also a new way on how music can be experienced. Recording his music with Holophonic Sound and Brainwave Entrainment technology, Mindz I music gives the listener a visual experience with a psychedelic theme to open your mind and paint the picture of the music within you. His Youtube Channel and videos add even more to the experience by showing the listener how the sampled cuts from the Youtube videos blend with the music and how everything connects together with synchronicity and time. Each Mindz I Youtube song has a connected video to it, whether it’s a song remix or just a piece of music video art, and the Mindz I iScience EP literally has alternate song parts in each song that has a video. There is much more Mindz I music on the way and with the connections being made by Mindz I, he plans on making the music bigger and better by using the strength of connection and unity.